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Path: The birds and the rice route
Itinerary From L'Ampolla to the Olles Lagoon and the Goler.
A route suitable for walking or cycling.
Distance 14 km (by bicycle)
4 Km (on foot from the Olles Lagoon)
1 hour 30 minutes (by bicycle)
1 hour 30 minutes (by foot)
Dregree of
Gradient Almost completely flat
Description This route runs through a part of the protected area of the Ebro Delta National Park and offers an astonishing variety of scenery. Part of the route coincides with a nature walk, which begins at the Olles Lagoon and ends at Goler. From here the route turns back, skirting rice fields to then once again cross the borders of the protected area.

If you take this walk on foot, the best idea is to go as far as Goler and return by the same route. The starting point can be L'Ampolla (10 km, round trip) or the Olles Lagoon car park (4 km round trip).

The Olles Lagoon is surrounded by rice fields and a well-preserved strip of sand dunes that runs beside the sea in front of the Bay of Fangar. It came about as a result of the processes involved when one of the Delta's earliest estuaries was created. Despite its small size (54 hectares), its special location has led to it become a home for a large number of aquatic birds and flora, rarely found in such a small area.

Goler is at the end of a former branch of the Ebro that connects the river, at the point of the Isle of Grcia, with the Bay of Fangar. It could well have been the mouth of the river in the 11th century. Nowadays, it is used as a drainage channel at the time of the year when the paddy fields are drained before preparing the land for the next harvest.
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